8 Out Of 10 Shoppers Research A Product Online Before Making A Decision

With the continuously evolving shopping behaviors of consumers, Luxury Brands need to constantly adapt their communication strategy and the channels they are using to engage with customers. New online technologies like voice, social commerce, augmented reality will continue to gain traction with online shoppers.

Online Product Research

Shoppers are on the internet reading reviews, comments, and ratings of your product before considering a purchase.

81% of shoppers start their journey online by researching products before making their decision of WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN to purchase a product (GE Capital Retail Bank).

57% of consumers prefer to shop online while only 31% prefer visiting a physical store (Bizfeel survey). For many, the COVID-19 crisis has increased the use of eCommerce.

67% of customers admit to “digital window shopping” on their smartphones just for fun and inspirations, according to a study by PAYPAL.

These statistics clearly show how imperative it is for Luxury Brand to have a strong online presence on the multiple channels the Internet is offering.

Luxury Shoppers is expecting a high level of Online Customer service

Consumers have a vast number of options and will ultimately choose the retailer and Brands that offer exceptional experiences across all channels.

According to Salesforce, 80% of customers say the experience Brand provides is as important as its products. To retain existing clients and acquire new customers, Swiss watchmakers need to meet this challenge.

A study in the United States by PricewaterhouseCoopers says about 65% of respondents consider a positive experience with a Brand more influential than great advertising.

Additionally, a top influencer in the field of marketing, Neil Patel, states that 88% of online customers are less likely to buy from companies that leave their social media complaints unanswered.

Poor quality interactions on social media, like a slow response to questions, or inadequate reply to negative comments could cause serious damage to your Brand.

Key takeaway

The overall EXPERIENCE a Brand is providing to the luxury shopper is a critical factor in the building of their Luxury reputation and its sales.

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