Are Online Shoppers Influence By Social Media?

Social media has spread throughout all aspects of modern life. For many, it has become part of their daily routine.

In the United States, Internet users aged 16 to 64 are spending a daily average of 2 hours on social media, 1h57 in Italy, 1h42 in the United Kingdom and France, 1h19 in Germany, and a massive 3h25 in Mexico. (WeAreSocial report Jan 2020).

For better or for worst, social media is here to stay, and customers are using it to found inspirations and discover new products. A Global Digital Study made in 2019 shows that 87% of online shoppers are influenced by social media.

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Social media influencers are driving purchases

A Fourcommunications survey showed nearly 50% of consumers rely on influencers recommendation a product before they would consider buying. The more confidence a consumer has in a social media influencer, the more likely they will be to persuade to buy.

Many brands are taking advantage of this trend by focusing on marketing strategies around social media. These strategies include story advertising and influencer marketing, both of which are cost-effective and allow them to reach out to new customers.

Social Commerce on the rise

The evolution of smartphones and social media platforms appears to be in step with each other. 80% of all time spent on social media happen on mobile apps (Lyfemarketing 2018).

Social Commerce goes hand to hand with social influencer marketing. Around 90% of social media users conduct their online activity on mobile devices, and this figure is increasing.

Mobile eCommerce Adoption is on the rise. In the US 39% of internet users have bought a product using mobile in the last 30 days, 38% in the UK, 34% in Germany, 31% in France, and 44% in Mexico (WeAreSocial report Jan 2020).

Key takeaway

Swiss watchmakers wanting to grow their Direct to Consumers sales should consider getting in step with this trend. Unresponsive sites or content that is not mobile-friendly doesn't cut it with savvy mobile eCommerce consumers.

Mobile-optimized content on mobile-friendly interfaces is what is needed for successful marketing in today's online shopping.

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