Solution to Reduce eCommerce Cart Adandon

Solution to Reduce eCommerce Cart Adandon

For any watchmaker Brands involved in eCommerce, cart abandon is frustrating, particularly after so much effort has been put into generating quality online visits of potential shoppers. Usually, the first question the online retailer will ask themselves is, 'what is the reason for cart abandon?'

The answers to cart abandonment generally come down to ONE main reason.

#1 Online shoppers get put off by unexpected costs at the checkout

#1 Online shoppers get put off by unexpected costs at the checkout

Shipping Cost
A recent Google survey showed that 63% of all cart abandons happened as a result of the buyer being hit with last-minute shipping costs that were not highlighted in the product listing.

Today, FREE SHIPPING is almost the norm, and many buyers have come to expect it. When presented with unexpected shipping costs at the moment of payment, these buyers will abandon their purchase.

VAT Cost
A challenge facing Swiss watchmakers wanting to sell Direct To Consumers worldwide is the VAT or Sales Tax.

Most eCommerce software solution add it at the final stage of the checkout. It is not the fact that the buyer has to pay VAT; It's the unexpected price increase at the point of transaction. The result, once again, is cart abandonment.

The Solution to reduce the impact of Cart Abandonment

The best way to avoid a high cart abandon rate is to provide complete transparency of all costs, taxes, and shipping on your product page and catalog listing.

Avoid all unexpected charges in your eCommerce solution.

This way, you may get fewer online buyers putting your products in their shopping carts, but you will be spared the frustration and heartache that comes along with every cart abandon.

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