User Generated Content Is The Best Type Of Marketing For Your Brand

User generated content (UGC) is the content created by fans of a Brand that is shared on social media, like an unboxing video on youtube or a photo posted on a Facebook group. It should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy because consumers are ever-ready to share their enthusiasm for your products on social media. UGC can be anything from reviews, comments, and images up to YouTube videos.

The Nielsen Consumer Trust Index reports that 92% of consumers have more faith in organic user-generated content than traditional advertising. This is because UGC is an unbiased validation of your product that Brands did not pay for. Therefore, it is perceived as more genuine and honest.

Typically, it is generated by consumers because they love your product and feel emotionally connected to it. Watches are a great product for UGC. 

What is the best type of User-Generated Content?

What is the best type of User-Generated Content?

Facebook Group and Instagram Photos

A perfect example of UGC is a wristwatch photo share on social. Every day hundreds of proud watch owners are sharing photos of their treasured timepieces on Facebook groups and Instagram feeds. This is a very effective UGC for a luxury watch brand. It is a social proofing capable of persuading a highly targeted group of watch enthusiasts.

Youtube Videos

User-generated videos are very shareable, with a huge possibility that they’d go viral. This can help to increase your following significantly. According to Octoly, averagely, user-generated videos of a brand were watched 10 times more than the brand’s official videos on YouTube.

How to mobilise fans to produce more UGC?

Acknowledge their contribution
Using private messaging you can contact a fan who posted a photo or video of your product. Introducing yourself as working for the Brand and thanks them for their contribution.

Reward them
The most effective rewards to build loyalty are an unexpected gift. A financial reward can complicate your relationship with the fans, therefore it should be avoided. One of the most appreciated rewards is Branded merchandising.

Personalise communication
On special occasions like holiday seasons and New Years, use private messaging on Facebook or Whatsapp to show your appreciation. This will show that you are a Brand that is human and personal. 

This can be time-consuming but the benefit for your Brand will be priceless. You will have a core group of fans active on social media promoting your brand.

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